Sunday, June 24, 2007

Disabling right click and other programming insights

Did you ever wander into a website that disables your right click (possibly, as a way to block you from using 'save image as') and wonder how to disable that obnoxious behavior?

Well, a simple view source shows how the right click behavior was taken over. They set document.oncontextmenu (or onclick, or mousedown) to their own method, returning 'false'.
something like: document.oncontextmenu = function("alert('noooo');return false");

A simple script (which can easily be used as a bookmarklet) can counter this behavior:

javascript:var x = (document.onmousedown==null?'':'mousedown ') + (document.onclick==null?'':'click ') + (document.oncontextmenu==null?'':'contextmenu ');if (x=='') x='none';alert('Yaniv says: detected '+x);void(document.onmousedown=null);void(document.onclick=null);void(document.oncontextmenu=null)

How would I write a website where the above script does not work?
Well, one approach would be to repeatedly set document.oncontextmenu to the 'disable' method, using a timer.
[To Be continued]

Execute any Windows API from the commandline with RunAnyDll

The RunAnyDll tool can be used to call any Windows API from the command line.

RunAnyDll lets you execute any Windows API from the command line, batch files, startup menu.. anywhere...
And, unlike RunDll32, the RunAnyDll tool is not limited to APIs with specific .

Call MessageBox to get a message box, GetSystemPowerStatus to get available battery power, GetConsoleTitle for the current cmd title, and 1000s more APIs.

Example Usage:
To open a messageBox by calling the MessageBox API:
RunAnyDLL user32.dll MessageBoxA UINT 0 LPSTR Welcome LPSTR goodbye UINT 1

To get the current system power status:
RunAnyDll kernel32.dll GetSystemPowerStatus LPBYTE 00

To emit an annoying beep through the computer speakers
RunAnyDLL Kernel32.dll Beep UINT 1200 UINT 1000

RunDll32.exe, part of Windows, can used to run an entry point (function) in a dll. As such, it can be used for many amazing purposes, without writing new code.
However, RunDll32 expects the API called to have 4 specific params: HWND, HINSTANCE, LPSTR, and int. While it still can be used for calling some APIs accepting fewer params, this is not reliable/recommended.
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