Thursday, July 21, 2005

Intel on multi-core processing

this article found on Intel website outlines their view on multi-core processors.

I totally agree with first 'take-away':
"For software executives, the first priority is to make sure your applications effectively take advantage of parallel proccessing capabilities of the multicore processors"
and mostly agree with the second:
"For enterprise IT management, multicore capabilities present major opportunities to lower the cost of computing through server consolidation"

Intel predicts that by the end of '06, expected run rate of dual-core CPUs on the desktop would exceed 70%, and hit 85% on servers.

Those suggestions are compatible with my suggestions in my MSDN Magazine article on hyperthreading, only more so - while hyperthreading has shown a modest performance boost, multi-core shows a greater persformance boost. This strengthens the position that future software performance boosts will depend on being able to write scalable multi-threaded applications.

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