Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why Good Ideas Fail good ideas is one thing, but gaining the required support within a corporation is quite another.
In most organization, you'd have to 'run the gauntlet' to get your idea accepted.
 Some ideas to make this more likely:

  • Let your opposition speak. They will anyhow. Show respect for their dissenting voice.
  • Do not attack back
  • Expect the common ways your ideas will be attacked
    • Fear-mongering
    • Delay
    • Confusion
    • Ridicule
  • Expect the common not-so-innocent questions meant to derail you, including:
    • Another Problem: "Money is the only real issue"; "What about ?";
    • Inertia: "We're successful, why change?";"The problem is not that bad";"You're implying we've been failing"
    • Solution: "Your proposal goes too far/doesn’t go far enough.";"You’re abandoning our core values.";"No one else does this.";"People have too many concerns.";" It puts us on a slippery slope."
    • and more...
  • Be prepared!
 Interesting read @HBR @Forbes @cbsnews

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