Monday, March 04, 2013

What is 'Rude Q&A'

Rude Q&A is a process I commonly encountered in Microsoft.
The idea is to prepare for difficult and possible hostile questions as part of the review of a product, design, or presentation.
Ask yourself - what are the meanest, smartest people going to ask you?

Rude Q&A is not just about testing the quality of your ideas. Rude Q&A forces you to think though your feature set, requirements, customers, and market assumptions.


  • If you introduce 'rude Q&A' in someone elses' design review preparation, be sure to explain the "rules of the game" to not surprise by standers.
  • You may want to reserve part of the Q&A time for 'Rude Q&A' after other questions have been answered.
  • Make sure to include questions that are unfair or based on erroneous information
  • The hardest part can be coming up with the questions.

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